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With our dedicated approach of fulfilling all your shipment needs, we make it a point to delight you every time. At Just Shipped our philosophy is to provide complete peace of mind to our customers so that you don’t have to worry about anything, on the contrary you can focus on things that need your immediate attention.

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Susan Keeran

– Founder & CEO of Just Shipped

Susan Keeran is the entrepreneur who recently started her own shipping business that is a one stop solution for pickup, packaging, repackaging and delivery service for shipping,

Having worked in big names such as Amazon, she holds valuable experience and insights into the shipping business. She also has ample working experience in industries such as auto manufacturing, food manufacturing and medical distribution.

Last year when she moved to Ocala, Florida, she went ahead to found Just Shipped. What started as a case-study soon transformed into a full-fledge business being a high potential trade.

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